Carpet Tiles Diverted from Landfill

Carpet Tiles Diverted from Landfill

The Client

Oktra, an office design, fit-out and refurbishment company operating across the country, found they no longer needed sample carpet tiles at their head office in High Holborn.

The Challenge

As a forward-thinking, sustainable business, Oktra didn’t want a disposal solution that ended up as landfill. It realised that these carpet tiles could be reused via Encore Environment’s ProjectDIVERT scheme.

The Solution

ProjectDIVERT, with its database of charities and social enterprises, found a local nursery, Wandsworth South Lambeth Busy Bees, where the teachers and children could use the carpet tiles to furnish its rooms and make additional areas, such as cosy corners for reading. Encore Environment arranged for the carpet tiles to be collected and delivered.

The Results

Oktra, working with Encore Environment, saw a 66.29% carbon saving by reusing the carpet tiles rather than sending them to Material Recycling Facilities and ultimately landfill. ProjectDIRECT showed how relocated items or products can reduce waste and save costs.

“Both my teachers and children have been so creative with them. They’ve made up new cosy corners for reading stories, materials for the doll’s house, a door mat for our home corner and all manner of other things. It’s so lovely to have the opportunity to reduce waste and reuse these items.”

Wandsworth South Lambeth Busy Bees