carbon neutral

Encore Environment achieves carbon neutral status

Encore Environment is proud to announce that it has achieved carbon neutral status. Our carbon footprint has been calculated and assessed, using Carbon Footprint Ltd business carbon calculator. It covers emissions factors which take account of all greenhouse gases (CO2, N2O, methane etc.) released by activities such as office buildings, utilities, vehicles, transport, fuel, and flights with the results presented in units of metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e). The calculations of emissions from fuels are Scope 1, meaning the direct GHG emissions from the combustion of the fuels.

Using QAS approved carbon footprint calculations, the methodology outlined by the UK Government, uses the “Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2022”.

“We are continually looking at ways that we can improve our sustainability as a business, so achieving carbon neutrality is an important step for us in the journey to become a net zero organisation,” said Rachel Rowley, managing director at Encore Environment. “It provides us with a benchmark to deliver internal emissions reductions such as energy efficiency procedures and changes to business travel. It is also an integral part of our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) policy which is being developed as part of our 5-year business strategy.”

We are delighted to be supporting a range of projects from within developing countries that have strong additional benefits beyond reducing carbon emissions. These include health benefits, saving low-income families money and reducing deforestation. All projects in this portfolio are certified to the Gold Standard and include efficient household cook stoves and clean drinking water projects.

The Carbon Footprint self-assessment and calculation will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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