Encore Environment Client Portal

Encore Environment launches innovative client portal

Ensuring all your deliverables and data are in one place!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new online client portal which will provide our clients with secure access to their projects, reports, data and regulatory information whenever they need it. The portal will also serve as a quick and easy access point for all our latest resources, helping to manage any support queries, and ultimately providing clients with an improved customer experience.

Gavin Pilcher, Director at Encore Environment said: “We pride ourselves on our excellent customer relationships and expert technical support, so the development of a client portal has been instrumental in our company strategy. This new portal will enhance our customer service capabilities by giving our clients the control to source, view and download their documents and data from wherever they are, 24 hours a day.”  

One of the key features is a dashboard showing specific data on their waste management activity. Clients can see, at a glance, the calculations of active sites, total waste tonnage, percentage tonnage diverted from landfill, carbon savings, carbon emissions reduced and more, on both a monthly and totalled scale.  These figures provide the client with real, up to date, data for sustainability and regulatory reporting and marketing collateral.

The portal also acts as a portfolio of reports and audits for our clients, including waste management reports, waste transfer notes, Sites Waste Management Plan (SWMP), Pre-Construction Environmental Audits (PCEA), and ProjectDIVERT results. Importantly, it also holds all required information for BREEAM compliance including client trackers, evidencing letters, travel plans, and water and electricity readings.

“We like to think of it as an on-demand service,” said Gavin. “Our experts will continue to be on-hand to support our clients, but we can now provide a secure way of having all the information they need at their fingertips. Many of our clients have to demonstrate compliance and social value initiatives in tenders and to their own clients, so this will save them time in collating the required documents. And, it’s always up to date!”

The portal is linked to Encore Environments bespoke order processing platform, and the system is live, therefore alerts (with active version control) will go out to clients when a document, or certificate needs updating.

Encore Environment’s resource section is particularly useful, providing users with tender support, compliance information, rate card and reports. We also have all our latest news and case studies linked through to the portal, so our clients have the latest corporate information.

Contact us if you’d like access

The Encore Environment client portal is accessible through a secure client login and all clients have access at no extra cost. If you are already a client of Encore Environment and would like to start using the client portal, please call Lianne on 01604 496987 or email: Lianne@encore-environment.com