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Encore Environment Showcase New ‘ProjectDIVERT’ Mobile App at Green Government 2019

Pioneering app facilitates industry and community connections to divert construction waste from landfill

As one of the leading waste management and environmental consultancies in the UK, Encore Environment was invited to exhibit at Green Government 2019 on 2nd July in Park Plaza, Victoria, London.

Over 250 policy leaders, local authorities, clean technology suppliers and those who are successfully driving sustainability initiatives across the UK, attended the event. Encore Environment’s team of waste management and environmental experts had the opportunity to showcase their waste management, BREEAM consultancy and Duty of Care and Compliance services and in particular inform delegates about ProjectDIVERT, a new ground-breaking mobile app aimed at the construction industry with scope to expand into other sectors.

What does ProjectDIVERT do?

ProjectDIVERT enables the diversion of waste from landfill by following a structured waste hierarchy, that can determine where to utilise waste materials most effectively. This can result in a large proportion of the waste being recycled or repurposed by organisations in need. When it is fully launched later this year, it will be the first of its kind in the UK. In testing, it is already having a measurable impact on minimising landfill waste and decreasing carbon footprints.

Rachel Rowley, managing director at Encore Environment said: “Green Government has provided us with a valuable platform to promote ProjectDIVERT to industry peers and influencers detailing the successes it has had to date. Of particular interest to us was our discussions around UK Government sustainability priorities and future policy direction, which will directly impact how we conduct total waste management strategies in the future. We also had the opportunity to converse with fellow innovators in sustainability.”

Many delegates were interested in Project Divert including local authorities, conservation organisations, and sustainable builders generating a number of exciting qualified leads. It is expected that the introduction of Project Divert will have a significant impact on the construction sector – especially large construction companies – as it challenges conventional methods of waste disposal and requires the company to think differently about its processes.

Amount of construction waste diverted so far

Through the testing phase alone, ProjectDIVERT has helped to divert 52 tonnes of construction waste from landfill. DEFRA reported in their February 2018 edition of UK Statistics on Waste* that in 2014 the UK generated 202.8 million tonnes of waste. Construction, demolition and excavation (CDE) was responsible for 59% of that number.  The construction industry is amongst the largest contributors for waste however statistics show a steady decline so recycle and reuse habits are improving.

“An innovation like ProjectDIVERT not only reduces the cost of disposal for Encore Environments clients,” explained Rachel, “but it generates carbon savings from diverting from landfill and contributes to local communities, which greatly improves clients’ CSR whilst fulfilling their KPI’s.

“The large corporates that we work with are increasingly taking account of the wider economic, social and environmental effects of their actions. We are supporting businesses when it comes to demonstrating social values – when they are making waste management decisions about what they do and how they do it in ways that add social value. We spoke a lot about this with delegates. We are proud to have been part of the Green Government event this year.”

Green Government’s aim is fight climate change and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Events are held annually in collaboration with London Climate Action Week.

Further information on ProjectDIVERT can be found here or for regular updates visit @Encore_Enviro on Twitter and @EncoreEnvironment on Facebook.


UK Statistics on Waste *