waste to landfill

Government target to reduce waste to landfill or incineration by 50%

The UK Government has announced new, long-term environmental targets, which includes halving the amount of waste going to landfill or incineration by 2042.

Encore Environment welcomes these commitments from the UK Government which has re-focussed attention on green strategies and sustainability. As waste management and environmental consultants, having a specific target for reducing waste is significant to us and our clients in the construction industry.

Environment Secretary, George Eustice said: “These proposed targets are intended to set a clear, long-term plan for nature’s recovery. In a post EU era, we now have the freedom to move towards a system that focuses on nature’s recovery as well as its preservation, and which places more emphasis on science and less emphasis on legal process. This change in approach will help us in the pursuit of the targets we are setting under the Environment Act.

The proposed targets will now be subject to an eight week consultation period where government will seek the views of environment groups, local authorities and stakeholders.

We look forward to hearing the feedback from these consultations.


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