Leatherhead Recycled Waste, Landfill Avoided

Leatherhead – Recycled Waste, Landfill Avoided

The Client

Area is a workplace design and fit-out specialist, based in London, with a reputation for identifying and maximising the potential of workspaces. It was working in collaboration with SunGard, which offers cloud, hosting and network services, at its data centre in Leatherhead, Surrey.

The Challenge

As with all its projects, Area wanted to ensure that this fit-out job met its goals to reduce carbon, minimise landfill and benefit the local community. As part of its waste management services for Area, Encore Environment undertook an on-site audit that identified carpet tiles that were in good condition.

The Solution

Accessing a special database of charities and recyclers on its unique ProjectDIVERT app, Encore Environment identified suitable recipients of the carpet tiles located near the project site. One pallet of tiles was sent to a local youth centre and eight pallets to a carpet recycler.

The Results

Area, working with Encore Environment, was able to divert 4.38 tonnes of waste from landfill and Material Recycling Facilities, so making cost savings compared to traditional routes of disposal, reductions in carbon and benefitting the local community.