Options 4 Homes - Home Build Logistics

Options for Homes – Home Build Logistics

The Client

Options 4 Homes Ltd is a specialist private shared home ownership developer. Its projects are designed to deliver great living spaces with low energy and maintenance buildings. It had two prestige developments – The Orchard Briston, near Norwich, featuring 12 new homes (including nine shared home ownership homes), and four shared home ownership flats and three houses in Norwich city centre.

The Challenge

The client wanted both projects to adopt best waste management and sustainability practices that would not only satisfy their core values and home owners, but also the local community and the wider environment. The Norwich city centre development was particularly challenging, being on a congested site with limited on-site storage.

The Solution

Encore adopted the most effective solutions using its expertise in logistics and sustainable practice, as well as its experience of city projects with restricted access and strict wait and load rules. As part of its waste management services (with no extra cost to the client), Encore conducted a pre-construction environmental audit, providing a robust forecast of the waste to be generated, as well as a site waste management plan and monthly waste data reports for each project.

The Results

Encore saved the client valuable time and money. Its wide network of vetted suppliers meant it could choose the best and most cost-effective options. The data and reports produced by Encore’s unique IT system helped the client to make more informed decisions about each project. Encore’s Duty of Care, included as standard in the rates, ensured that all waste documentation was checked, and compliance met throughout a transparent supply chain, enabling the client to avoid the additional cost of outsourcing such checks and time-consuming administration, to another party.