interserve paragon- donation of white goods, linen, crockery and cutlery

White goods, linen, crockery, and cutlery donated to homless chatiy and women's refuge to be used in emergency and short-term accomodation, as well as start-up packs which helps homeless people build a new life

the stats

white goods, linen, crockery and cutlery all donated to charity

traditional disposal methods avoided

cost saving compared to traditional methods

the location

Hapimag, 23-26 Lancaster Gate, London, W3 3LP

the goal

avoid traditional disposal methods where possible

how we worked

  1. Identification - identification of items available for reuse
  2. Resourcing - Used ProjectDIVERT to contact local charities, social enterprises, organisations
  3. Sourcing - found compatible charity
  4. Convenience - Contacted and arrange collection.
  5. Waste reduction - avoided traditional disposal routes