land securities new head office - victoria street, london

We not only achieved our goals, we exceeded them. We earned the BREEAM mark of ‘Outstanding’, with a fit-out score of 92.3% - the highest ever awarded by BREEAM as of 6th July 2017.

the stats

2017 Carbon Emissions reduced by Equivalent Carbon Savings 75.38%

Carbon savings of over 77% has been achieved through carpet re-use 4,375

98.96% waste materials diverted from landfill. 4,375 Tonnes


car miles travelled


homes powered


acres of forrest


lamps changed to LED

the location

Land Securities new head office - Victoria Street, London

the goal

To achieve and promote resource efficiency by

  • managing and reducing refurbishment and fit-out waste
  • re-using and directly re-cycling materials to a minimum level of 75%
  • to achieve the above while earning a BREEAM assessment - ‘Outstanding’

how we worked

  1. Pre-refurbishment audit - we provided this to Land Securities, in line with BREEAM’s criteria for a rating of ‘outstanding’.
  2. On-site re-cycling - we achieved re-use and recycling of on-site materials to a level of 76.47%.
  3. Diversion of resources from landfill - we successfully diverted a significant proportion of materials off-site to community or other projects.
  4. Resource Efficiency Plan - We enabled the client to provide a fully compliant REP.