Paragon & Petty France - Carpet Tiles Diverted From Landfill

Paragon & Petty France – Carpet Tiles Diverted From Landfill

The Client

Interserve Paragon is an interior fit-out and refurbishment contractor that puts sustainability at the heart of each project. It was working in collaboration with 102 Petty France, an office space based in central London, to refit certain offices.

The Challenge

The client wanted to make sure that the refit would meet all its sustainability objectives, including reduced carbon footprint, contribution to local economies and communities and minimal landfill. Following an initial audit by Encore Environment with Dariusz Kubies, Paragon’s Project Manager, five tonnes of carpet tiles were identified as being in good and reusable condition.

The Solution

Using Encore Environment’s unique ProjectDIVERT app, which diverts suitable waste to benefit local charities and recyclers listed on its special database, the carpet tiles avoided being landfill. Encore arranged for a commercial recycling company to collect these tiles, which were distributed amongst various commercial projects, social housing and charities.

The Results

Interserve Paragon, working with Encore Environment, saw a 77.29% carbon saving for their client by reusing or recycling the carpet tiles rather than sending them to Material Recycling Facilities, where they are burnt.