ProjectDIVERT – Corex Recycling

The Client
Ambit, a client committed to delivering high quality CAT A and B projects throughout the UK.


The Challenge
Ambit worked alongside Encore Environment on their Witan Gate, Milton Keynes site. The site manager, Romario contacted us advising of a large amount of Corexbeing removed from site following the works being completed. 

As part of both Ambit and Encore values we strive to minimise carbon footprint. Encore made it their mission to find an alternative rather than the Corexbeing placed in a mixed construction waste skip via a traditional disposal method.  


The Solution
Encore arranged for the Corexto be collected via a segregated service. Putting in place the logistics to achieve the best result possible. 

The Corexwas collected, balled, and ground into pellets before being melted down and reformed


The Result
The results achieved 100% recycled, 100% diversion from landfill.

In addition we were also able to provide a cost saving compared to the waste stream being placed into a mixed construction waste skip-a win win!


What our client said:

“Working with Encore we managed to segregate as many waste streams as possible, and achieve the highest recycle rate and 100% diversion from landfill. The corex was able to be 100% recycled shown in the Encore monthly waste statistics and as a bonus offered us a saving! Thank you!”

Romario Vago, Project Manager