ProjectDIVERT – Home-Start

The Client

Cast are the UK’s experts in commercial interior fit-outs. Renowned for their values in sustainability and transparency, Cast is a business borne out of a desire to do what is right for their staff and operatives whilst serving their clients to the very highest levels. The founding members of Cast aspire to hold their values at the core of everything they do and work hard to give back to the community wherever they can.

The Challenge

On completion of a fit-out project in London for a client it was identified that there were carpet tiles that could be reused rather than being thrown in a skip. With social value at the forefront of what we do, Cast turned to Encore to help relocate them to a good cause for free. The tiles were brand new! Why wouldn’t we give them to someone in need!

The Solution

Using Encore’s ProjectDIVERT, supported by our hands on team of Waste Coordinators, we were able to arrange the logistics for the carpet to be collected and diverted to a charity in Kettering. Not only did this save costs but reduced carbon by not doing what we have always done. 

By challenging the conventional approach and disposal it supports Cast’s dedication to Social Value. The carpet was donated to a charity, Home-Start with an urgent need for carpet tiles. Many families come to Home-Start with financial difficulties and live in homes that require major renovations for their children’s wellbeing. The carpet tiles donated by Cast were used to support these families by re-carpeting their properties and giving their children a safe space to live in. 

The Results

By identifying on-site materials that could be repurposed and re-used, Encore achieved 25% cost savings for the client. The diversion also resulted in a further 75kg carbon savings from transportation as well as embodied carbon if we were to re-manufacture these materials again. 

Furthermore, the carpet tile donation has contributed to the client’s CSR goals by giving back to local communities. The donation from Cast has made huge changes for families living in the area. For example, the charity reported that a young mum was living with her 6-month-old daughter without any flooring down and so the daughter couldn’t start crawling or play safely. The carpet tile donation meant that we could provide enough carpet tiles to completely re-fit her lounge and the baby’s room; she messaged to say “you don’t know how much you have changed our lives, thank you”. 

What the charity said:

“The carpet tiles have caused quite a buzz… I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made… Thank you so much, Encore!”

Spokesperson, Home-Start

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ProjectDIVERT Case Study – Cast, Princes House