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The Big Plastic Count 2022

This week, thousands of people across the UK are taking part in the biggest ever investigation into household plastic. Led by Everyday Plastic and Greenpeace, the survey will collect the evidence needed to push the government, supermarkets and manufacturers to tackle the plastic crisis.

As a society we need to challenge the use of non-recyclable plastic in packaging – target the source! Too much single use plastic is still being produced and there needs to be more reusable alternatives! Working together, we have the power to make the markets sustainable, we just need to make the right choices. We also have the power not to buy. Knowing what the right choices are involves educating ourselves about the journey waste has from it leaving you or your business and where it ends up. Our aim with Waste Wise Kids is to educate young children about it, so they have the life skills growing up to know how to manage waste properly! If four-year olds can understand the impact plastic has on our environment, then everyone can!

As a business, we work in the construction sector, one of the largest contributors of waste, to reduce, reuse and recycle waste which requires the company to think differently about its processes. Even on construction sites, it is all too easy and convenient to have mixed skips on site where all waste is thrown in together.  We are working hard to develop unique initiatives like Waste Wise Kids and Project DIVERT, and technology and carbon data reporting, so companies have the opportunity to make more sustainable decisions.

If communities, businesses and industry adopted the reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle approach, it would help keep plastics within the circular economy and out of the environment in the first place.

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