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With qualified BREEAM assessors in house we have the resource to support any BREEAM Project across all standards. Our team includes Assessors, experienced professionals in BREEAM AP and Code for Sustainable Homes.

Our support covers all aspects of the specified standard not just the waste element, however as waste management experts along with the fact we coordinate the physical waste service we ensure maximum credits can be applied and achieved in this area.

Whilst we do have qualified assessors in house and therefore we could offer client assessments, our niche is we sit between the contractor and the client’s assessor. We talk the language of the assessor whilst understanding the site impacts and obligations on our client the contractor.

Having the knowledge across the schemes we are able to advise on behalf of our clients how their client can achieve a higher score without any cost implication and then manage this through the project.

Encore have a bespoke automated approach to our BREEAM Service which makes us efficient and allows us more time to visit site and work with the teams to facilitate, train and collect the data required for evidencing. Templates and Specific BREEAM evidence is coordinated by Encore to the standard a client assessor would need for submission.

Our service includes procuring and managing external requirements if required for example Air Quality Testing and policies such as Sustainable Procurement Plans.

how we do it

Early Intervention allows us to evaluate the scheme (type and rating) and the obligations of the Contractor. We are able to advise the contractor of any costs associated with those obligations and ensure that any previous responsibilities of others have been completed i.e. pre-refurbishment audit.

Encore have an automated action list

The process:

On site Meeting

  • Encore arrange a meeting with Site and the clients to Assessor to discuss the BREEAM elements and to review the tracker Update communication tracker
  • Confirm scoped parts of assessment and contractor’s obligations

Suite of Documents

  • Encore create a site Action List that is colour coded to raise awareness around status. This is a monthly document that is updated as and when documents and evidence is supplied.
  • Supply any BREEAM Compliant templates required i.e. Biodiversity and User Guide
  • Stakeholder Report for all sites that are BREEAM, what the scheme is and the rating. This also includes a colour coded summary of all projects to raise any concerns.
  • Encore complete a compliant Resource Efficiency Management Plan for the specific project

Evidence Collation

  • Encore collate and check all evidence and then submit to the assessor or portal.
  • Encore have the experience to liaise with the client assessors directly.
  • It important that we attend site to obtain some elements of the schemes, including Travel Plans, Water and electricity meter readings
  • Encore attend meetings with all stakeholders responsible for the BREEAM element
  • Encore coordinate BREEAM consultancy around specific requirements such as Air Quality testing and policies required such as sustainable procurement.


  • Collation of all documentation and evidential requirements, including following up with sub-contractors
  • Completion reporting in line with BREEAM requirements (dependent on assessment) i.e. Carbon, Waste, Energy etc.
why we do it

A strong focus on sustainability in the design, construction and use of buildings has become the norm in the UK. Since its launch in 1990, BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) has stimulated a greener built environment in this country – and now increasingly around the world. The sustainability of hundreds of thousands of buildings has been assessed and certified under the scheme, with many more now registered for assessment.

Planning requirement was found to be the main driver for having a BREEAM assessment across all of sectors surveyed. That is not surprising as more than half of local authorities in England have a BREEAM requirement as part of their local development framework, with the number rising to more than 70% of authorities in major cities such as London. The next most common driver is organisational policy with, for example, many large commercial, as well as public sector organisations having a requirement for BREEAM in their procurement strategies.


It is seen both as a benchmark standard and as a way of promoting environmental awareness and sustainable building, it will not be going away so therefore working with companies like Encore Environment that are BREEAM compliant in their processes you will reduce cost to deliver such projects. Encore take the noise away from site allowing them to deliver what they are good, an exemplar construction project.

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Encore are a business providing Corporate businesses the service and delivery they require along with important strategic information to support Sustainability goals and KPI’s. If you require an innovative partner around the Environmental agenda please contact us.

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