duty of care & compliance

Encore take its obligations requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care, to any of its supply chain while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others, seriously. Stringent physical audits of our Tier 1 supply chain in addition to detailed checks for EA compliance ensure high standards of conformity.

It is important to us, our clients, their customers and to the environment that Duty of Care for Waste Management is managed legally, to the environmental agency standard and in compliance with the Waste Hierachy.

Encore have a bespoke IT system that stores supplier information around this subject. The system automatically informs us when such things as waste carrier license and insurances are due to expire. It is the duty of the waste producer to ensure they are clear where their waste is being disposed of and the journey it has taken. Full transparency from project through to end destination is vital with the correct documentation included  along the way. Encore have designated waste coordinators that check compliance on a daily basis firstly highlighting and then communicating any non-compliance so it can be rectified.

We ensure our supply chain is compliant around such areas as FORS, CLOCS, ISO 9901, ISO 14001 and Safe Contractor.

how we do it

All of our suppliers have their Duty of Care documentation checked for compliance against the EA guidelines ensuring they are legally compliant.  This includes:

  • Site Permits
  • Weighbridge Certificates
  • Carrier Licenses
  • Waste Transfer Notes
  • Insurances
  • Metal licenses
  • Industry accreditations such as FORS, CLOC’s and PAS402 where applicable
  • HSE requirements

Rigorous supplier audits are carried out annually and used for major construction sites

Encore have three levels of supplier criteria

  • Preferred
  • Approved
  • Third Tier

Criteria may be adapted to suit a Client need – for example should a Client require a site audit but the supplier does not fall into the Preferred Supplier Status then the criteria will be adapted to suit the need of the Client

If a single project is over a given value then Encore Environment may decide to carry out a site inspection audit

why we do it

To Reduce Waste Crime and protect our clients

Construction and Demolition Waste is the biggest contributor to illegal waste disposal

The Guardian ran the headline ‘Waste crime is the new Narcotics’ – showing the extent to which waste crime has grown

Waste crime cost the English economy more that £660m in 2015

If you as the contractor are found guilty of illegally disposing waste both the Directors and the Company can be prosecuted and imprisoned

Fines range from £100 - £3,000,000.00 depending on the turnover of the company.  A large company with a turnover of over £50,000,00.00 is likely to face fines of a minimum £450,000.00 - £3,000,000.00. If Paragon were to be fined, it is likely that they would face the top end of the fining based on turnover (Source: em-solutions.co.uk)

A Director can face sentencing of up to 1 year depending on the severity of the case.  If the case goes to the High Court this could increase to 5 years

More than 850 new illegal waste sites were discovered by the EA in 2016 -17, with an average of 2 shut down every day (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-steps-to-tackle-illegal-waste-and-fly-tipping-announced)

There are strict rules set out by the Environmental Agency around the correct process for managing waste from the Waste Producer through to the waste carrier and end destination. Encore ensure on behalf of their clients that compliance is achieved across the entire supply chain.

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Encore are a business providing Corporate businesses the service and delivery they require along with important strategic information to support Sustainability goals and KPI’s. If you require an innovative partner around the Environmental agenda please contact us.

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