project divert

Project Divert’; a unique web-based application which allows construction sites to donate recycled materials to local social enterprises and schools at the touch of a button with complete traceability.

Project Divert is our unique solution for the construction industry. It provides closed loop opportunities for clients, identifying materials that can be innovatively reprocessed, remanufactured or recycled back into the supply chain.

We have a unique database of charities, social enterprises and schools, which is continually updated. By carrying out detailed pre-refurbishment, environmental and waste audits for each client, we can provide accurate forecasts by converting gear to tonnage and establish where equipment and materials can be re-directed to these local business projects, charities or community schemes. This not only reduces the cost of disposal for our clients, but it generates carbon savings from diverting from landfill and contributes to local communities, which greatly improves our clients’ CSR whilst fulfilling their KPI’s

Encore Environment works collaboratively with clients, project managers, building and fit out contractors, providing advice and support from the early design stage of a project through to completion and beyond. Early intervention ensures that Encore can re-use and relocate items without delaying any project deadlines.

Project Divert complements a range of services we provide, which complete provide a turnkey approach to managing waste streams and BREEAM assessments for recycling, as well as management reports to evidence Corporate Social Responsibility.

Unique to Encore, ProjectDIVERT ensures the successful re-use of materials and waste linked to the waste hierarchy. It conducts Life Cycle Analysis of materials and waste disposal routes with the aim of creating transparency in the construction waste industry. The aim is to challenge traditional routes of disposal, where materials are sent to Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), to improve the cost, carbon and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for our Clients

Additionally, the tool enables easy analysis of potential waste routes which allows it's users to make an informed decision and create holistic reporting based on each aspect assessed

how we do it

Project Divert is a unique web-based application.

  • Through early intervention, Encore Environment are able to establish materials on site that would be suitable for re-use in the first instance, through to take back and recycling options – following the waste hierarchy
  • These items are then photographed and audited before being submitted to our unique ProjectDIVERT tool
  • The tool uses a series of calculations and criteria to determine the cost and carbon savings through various methods of disposal which include:
  • Re-use on site
  • Re-use off site:
  • Charities
  • Social Enterprises
  • Construction Sites
  • Schools, Universities
  • Community Projects
  • Take – back schemes
  • Re –processors, re-manufacturers and recyclers
  • Material Recycling Facilities (MRF’s)
  • Landfill sites
  • The results indicate the best disposal method based on cost, carbon savings and CSR messages
  • The results are displayed on a real time map and additional criteria can be applied to determine the most suitable supplier
  • Encore will use their ProjectDIVERT database to ensure one or more re-use option is used to ensure maximum diversion from landfill

This provides our client the data to make informed decisions on the way forward with their waste disposal based on the metrics of Cost, Carbon and CSR messaging.


why we do it


There is increasing pressure on the construction industry to reduce waste and carbon emissions. 59% of the total waste generated in the UK and 15% of the total UK carbon emissions comes from construction. With government targets stipulating that 65% of municipal waste and 75% of packaging waste must be recycled by 2030, a solution is surely needed.

Creating a new database outside conventional routes of disposal including charities who are always extremely grateful to consider furniture, carpet tiles, paving slabs and similar items which are offered to them through the system. It is almost like Freecycle for the construction industry and ultimately the goals of Project Divert are the same goals as for our clients – reduce costs, reduce carbon and support CSR

ProjectDIVERT provides significant benefits for individuals and the construction industry as a whole. Our methodology and approach of re-use, recycle and recover supports industry accreditations such as BREEAM, LEED AND SKA, and Project Divert follows the stages and approach of the industry set waste hierarchy. Challenging the traditional routes of waste disposal, we ensure clients meet their waste objectives and improve social and economic targets for re-use in the community.”



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