Encore’s reporting is unique to us, our bespoke IT System automatically creates our monthly site and stakeholder reports, Site Waste Management Plans and BREEAM compliantResource Efficiency Management Plans. The reporting includes any BREEAM or SKA benchmarks that may be relevant around specific projects but in summary it provides our corporate clients with a professional suite of documents for their waste lifecycle of their projects.

Monthly site and stakeholder reporting provides key statistics around the disposal of their waste. Landfill diversion, recycle rates by waste streams which is all included. These reports are adapted to suit our clients requirements and own KPI’s around Sustainability and the environment agenda.

Encore Environment support our clients on multiple sites and therefore the stakeholder, normally board level receive a full summary of their sites cumulative data.  Any ProjectDIVERT case studies we have completed where we have Identified closed loop opportunities for Materials or Products are reported monthly for marketing departments or bid teams to support potential projects.

how we do it

Our automated bespoke IT System collates monthly activity, what was ordered, when and by whom which is summarized monthly. Actual weights are inputted to allow accurate reporting.

Monthly reports

Key statistics from waste generated

Granular analysis per material

Positive display of;

  • Waste recycled
  • Waste to landfill and
  • Waste used for energy

Stakeholder Report with multiple sites and their cumulative data around Carbon, Landfill Diversion and recycle Rates

why we do it

To align actual data with our clients KPI’s

Full Transparency for our clients by site

Waste reduction

Statistics that support the BREEAM benchmarks for submission to the assessor

So our clients can talk with data around information regarding their waste aware

let's talk

Encore are a business providing Corporate businesses the service and delivery they require along with important strategic information to support Sustainability goals and KPI’s. If you require an innovative partner around the Environmental agenda please contact us.

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