Construction waste reused in construction colleges

Construction Waste Reused in Construction Colleges

ProjectDIVERT facilitates recovery of 200 bags of building sand to help London students

Encore Environment, one of the leading waste management and environmental consultancies in the UK, has applied the innovative functionality of its mobile app, ProjectDIVERT to successfully divert over 4,000kgs of building sand from a construction skip and Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) to two London colleges that will use it as teaching aids.

Interior-fit out and refurbishment contractor Interserve Paragon in collaboration with 1 Poultry, advised Encore Environment of an excess amount of building sand they had on site following a strip out and refit of offices over five floors in central London. One of Interserve Paragon’s key values is to put sustainability at the heart of their decision making and by working in partnership with Encore Environment, they were able to meet all their sustainability objectives, namely to minimise MRF and landfill, reduce its carbon footprint, and make a contribution to local economies and communities.

The pioneering app determines where to utilise waste materials most effectively and connects the construction company with an organisation in need. Both Lewisham Southwark College and Building Crafts College construction departments required sand as a teaching aid to assist student learning. Encore Environment and Interserve Paragon arranged the transportation and the labour to deliver the building sand direct to the colleges free of charge.

Luke Hudson, Head of Construction at Lewisham Southwark College said, “This sand was gratefully received by the department, we have been able to use it to demonstrate quantities, ratios and how to lift bags of sand safely. The donation has helped the department in a lot of ways and the team and college are truly grateful. I hope we can work together in the future for the benefit of the learners and the department.”

75% Cost Saving on Waste

As a result of successfully diverting waste, Interserve Paragon achieved a 75% cost saving on waste for their client 1 Poultry and carbon was greatly reduced.

“This is a fantastic success story for the construction sector,” said Rachel Rowley, Managing Director at Encore Environment. “A win-win for all involved, and a successful diversion from MRF. ProjectDIVERT is already having a measurable impact on minimising landfill waste and decreasing carbon footprints.”

Most of the waste going to landfill comes from construction projects. In 2016, the largest tonnages of waste (81.1 million) were ‘Mineral Wastes’, followed by ‘Soils’ (58.7) million tonnes. These two categories represent 36% and 26% respectively of all waste generated in the UK and together make up almost two thirds (63%) of the total.*

Rachel concluded; “If a construction company just thinks differently about its conventional methods of waste disposal, so many other organisations can benefit as well as the environment. We would like to thank Paragon Interserve and 1 Poultry for their support with this project and salute their environmental and sustainability policies!”

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