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Promoting environmental best practice across the construction industry supply chain

The Enviro Game Changers Sustainability Forum is a platform for supply chain organisations to the construction industry to learn, promote and share environmental sustainability expertise and knowledge.

Working together to make a difference

The Enviro Game Changers Sustainability Forum aims to empower its members through collaborative thinking and action to influence their client’s environmental strategies, focusing on priority areas such as reuse and recycling, waste management, social value and carbon reduction. The goal is to encourage construction companies to make responsible decisions that are better for the environment and have a positive impact on the wider community.

We bring together all sectors of the construction supply chain for an all-round perspective on positioning businesses for a sustainable future. Enviro Game Changers members meet once a month either virtually or in-person when possible. Ideas are discussed between the members, plans are introduced, and general environmental support is provided through collaborative knowledge transfer.

We are not a ‘network’ in the traditional sense of networking, we aren’t for business cards, an obligation to refer or lead generation incentives. Enviro Game Changers is not a group for active prospecting, it is for relationship building, knowledge transfer and teamwork.

We focus on where we can have the biggest positive impact on the decisions our clients in the construction industry are making:

Influencing mindsets

What opportunities are there for us to challenge traditional methods of waste disposal and influence better choices and behaviours?

Applying knowledge and skills

With our combined supply chain expertise, what can we do to decrease the environmental impact of the construction sector?

Social value

How can we support opportunities for positive social, economic and environmental change that benefit wider communities?

The Enviro Game Changers Sustainability Forum is a platform for Encore Environment’s client supply chain organisations to learn, promote and share sustainability expertise and knowledge. The network aims to empower its members through collaborative thinking and action, focusing on priority areas such as reuse and recycling, waste management, social value and carbon reduction.

The Enviro Game Changers brings all sectors of the construction supply chain together for an all-round perspective on positioning businesses for a sustainable future.

“There is no better time to get the innovative, ahead of the curve companies within our clients supply chain together, to share the expertise and wealth of knowledge we have.”

Rachel Rowley, Enviro Game Changers Sustainability Forum Founder

Managing Director, Encore Environment

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    Our members

    rmf logo

    Rebecca Marsh

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    T: 01926 425289


    An independent nationwide contractors for the supply and installation of new and recycled raised access flooring. We work with demolition and strip out contractors to determine if existing raised flooring can be removed and prevented from going to landfill.

    We are proud of our eco panel offering and have been removing, cleaning and re-installing used raised flooring for over 7 years. In this time, we have prevented over 1,000,000 panels entering landfill; an assumed weight of over 5,000t.

    In addition to the environmental benefits of using our eco panels, we can offer significant savings of around 20% vs using new panels – another reason to reuse!


    Lee Cole

    Paint 360

    T:0121 5615353


    Paint360 re-engineer waste paint back into brand new paint which have been tried, tested and developed in conjunction with the trade.

    Each litre contains a minimum 65% recycled content, while competing on quality and price with premium brands.

    We are a Social Enterprise committed to creating job opportunities for young people with barriers to employment as the core of our workforce. Upcycling waste paint and all paint pots represents a true circular economy helping to reduce embedded carbon compared to virgin paint materials, in fact, 1ltr saves enough embedded carbon to drive a transit van 5 miles carbon free!


    David Collins-Lafferty

    Marketing Manager

    T: 01785 319306


    Westgate is structured across three main business areas: Warehouse and factory segregation, temporary construction hoardings and solar control protection products. Our main focus is our temporary construction hoardings which is the first of our product range we have been able to implement a circular economy model to. We understand the need to reduce waste on projects and help deliver on those targets.

    That’s why we aim to follow guidelines on circular economy and the use of sustainable materials in construction. Our modular hoarding system, Hoardfast, is made from up to 85% recycled plastic and is reusable across multiple projects. The recycled panels generate funds which are donated to the Marine Conservation Society amongst other UK charities.

    Camilla Marcus-Dew

    Head of Ventures
    Connection Crew

    T: 020 7231 8117

    Connection Crew CIC lift, shift and more across construction and events; bringing world-class precision smoothly, safely and sustainably. We’re committed to Net Zero by 2025 and getting people affected by homelessness into work.  We’ve been operating for 15+ years, and over that time we’ve helped 289 people who have been affected by homelessness get into decent work for clients including Underbelly, The One Show, Wates, The Royal Opera House, and many more.  We reduce our negative impact wherever possible, including a carbon levy to offset unavoidable carbon as our crew travel from A->B, and are signed up for SME Climate Hub.  We are working towards crewing within modular installations for MMC which brings significant opportunities for a lower carbon approach across the industry.  We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, and underway Construction Line Gold.

    MATexch is a revolutionary new app that has been developed by DCP and Encore Environment. Construction is one of the largest sectors in the UK, contributing to 7% to our GDP, but it is slow to move with the time.

    MATexch was borne out of a passion for protecting the environment, recouping costs on excess materials, and tackling the ever-present problems that material allocation cause.

    MATexch operates as an online marketplace where users list their excess materials for purchase. Material type, condition, amounts, price and location are all listed so potential buyers can be confident that they are getting the right materials. Unwanted materials can also be donated to avoid sending them to landfill.


    Alex Hamilton

    Head of Sales & Marketing,
    VEKA Recycling

    T: 07538 846753


    VEKA Recycling is the industry leader in recycling ‘end of life’ uPVC windows and doors. We work with window fabricators and installers, as well as waste companies throughout the UK to ensure that valuable uPVC material is not sent to landfill.

    We offer a reliable, cost-effective and long-term service that you can depend on and we are proud to close the loop on uPVC recycling. We use the latest technologies to create pelletised uPVC which is passed onto approved extruders to make new building products, including new uPVC windows.

    At VEKA Recycling, we look to help more people appreciate the long lifespan, low maintenance of uPVC and its ability to be continually reincarnated.


    Nathan Wridle

    The Pallet Loop

    T: 0208 6476999


    The LOOP is a deposit based supply chain solution that enables the recovery, repair and re-use of pallets in the UK construction sector.

    It has been designed as a Net Carbon Zero model , also helping to target zero avoidable waste. As opposed to being made to a price, LOOP pallets are designed and built for multi trip and therefore offer significant safety benefits for the entire supply chain.

    In general, LOOP pallets are 100% stronger than pallets used in the industry today. In addition, we are working on embedding RFID technology into our pallet hardware as to support our vision of an provisioning an intelligent Returnable Transit Item (iRTI) to the sector.

    Better business relocation

    Greta Read

    Better Business Moves

    T: 07593 107206

    Better Removals will help you with all aspects of planning and executing your commercial move. Our vast portfolio of services include move management, porterage, office IT relocation, recycling, re-use and disposal services, locating new office space, space planning and purchasing new office furniture

    Our commercial moving specialists are committed to looking after every client ‘The Better Way’. Our initiatives are in place to continuously improve the quality of our removal services offerings and our ‘Better’ vehicles are Euro6 compliant and with our industry-leading vehicle tracking systems in place, allowing us to ‘Better’ manage our commercial operations more effectively.


    Dominic O’Brien

    Managing Director
    Experienced Energy Solutions

    T: 0121 274 3573

    unsafe consultants

    Greg Kirkman

    Group Chief Executive Officer
    Ensafe Consultants

    T: 01604 878190

    Greg Kirkman has been involved in asbestos consultancy since 1989, founded Ensafe Consultants in May 1995 and is now the CEO of multi-disciplinary asbestos; geo-technical; environmental consultancy employing over 240 people nationwide and in Ireland. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Greg is often called upon to act as an Expert Witness assisting organisations with any legal issues. As a CBI Regional Council and SME Council member, Greg regularly connects with businesses from outside of the area to show them what the East Midlands has to offer.

    Greg is also heavily involved in local education, he is a Trustee of two Multi-Academy Trusts for SEND students and an SPI College. Greg has a personal interest in apprenticeships, training and getting people into sustainable employment whatever their background.

    Gavin Pilcher

    Encore Environment

    T: 01604 496987


    We are a BREEAM-compliant waste management consultancy and an environmental social enterprise. We help our customers to coordinate their waste services and engage in more sustainable practices; offering our clients everything from pre-construction environmental audits to sustainable procurement strategies.

    We believe in a reduce, reuse and recycle approach as well as early intervention on projects to identify the best recycling solutions and circular economy opportunities.

    Our innovative web based app, ProjectDIVERT, also identifies where best to reuse onsite materials and waste as donations to local social enterprises, charities and schools. We work with our clients to offer flexible solutions that can reduce costs and their carbon footprint.


    Ross Dight

    Technical and sustainability director



    Tarkett is a global floor covering contractor constantly innovating in the field of circular economy, sustainability and reuse. We’ve built our take-back and recycling Restart® program in Europe, North America  and Brazil to collect not only our own flooring but also flooring from our competitors. ReStart® helps our customers to manage their flooring waste from job installation, collecting off-cuts and used vinyl, linoleum and carpet flooring. Then, we sort and select flooring that can be used as a source of quality raw materials in our own production process.


    Gareth Carey


    T: 07845 577 675



    Powertrack is a modular temporary power and lighting system. It enables safe, efficient and rapid deployment of power and lighting in any environment, but primarily in construction. Installation is quick and easy by any competent person. Being completely floor run, it eliminates working at height. Its triple insulation and plug and play connection system reduces safety risks. Being a re-usable system it reduces waste and maximises efficiency within construction.

    SYR clean

    Gareth David


    T: (0)1384 421421



    SYR “Scot Young Research” was established 60 years ago by Scot Young, a very unique individual with one purpose and that was to evolve the cleaning industry. We design, tool, invent and build. We have manufacturing bases in UK, USA, Canada and China, and supply the majority of our cleaning products globally. For a long time we have known as a business we need to offer solutions to plastic waste and being a large manufacture are now working to achieve a very different approach for our customers by offering cradle to cradle services; and our ‘Switch’ range of recycled products. The SYR SWITCH range uses waste materials destined for landfill, recycled plastics, regrind plastics and thoughtful design to allow you to be kinder to the environment, without compromising your pocket or the quality of work completed.

    “Being a member of the Enviro Game Changers Network has given me and Westgate access to a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, enabling us to elevate the sustainability advantages of our Hoardfast product in the construction sector. We have also formed relationships with companies whose products and services help to bolster our offering, further enhancing sustainable approaches on our customers projects. It’s rare that you find a network where the common objective of all companies involved is so closely linked, which is testament to the way that this network has been set up and run, but also testament to the commitment of its members. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the network and its members, which in collaboration are forming a unique offering for the construction industry.”

    David Collins-Lafferty, marketing manager at Westgate UK.

    Members of the Enviro Game Changers Sustainability Forum offer sustainable products, reuse and recycling schemes, green technology, and environmental services and consultancy. Are you a supplier to the construction industry that is innovative, ahead of the curve, and passionate about sustainability?  Please get in touch to find out how you can share your knowledge and expertise with our like-minded members.

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