What we do

BREEAM Consultancy


Our in-house BREEAM assessors offer a unique service and expertise.

Encore can also be nominated as client assessor. We have experience across all standards and ratings (e.g. residential, new construction, education, refurbishment and fit-out, offices, retail, etc).

Encore Environment not only manages the waste management element, but also has a wealth of experience working across all aspects of BREEAM projects. We can take many of the demands of such multi-team constructions off your shoulders so you can focus on delivering your project.
Our vastly experienced BREEAM assessors have not only worked on all areas of large construction projects for major contractors, but also helped blue-chip clients to maximise their credits.
Our BREEAM services in the construction industry include liaising with the contractor and the client’s BREEAM assessor. We speak the assessor’s language, while understanding the site impacts and obligations on our client and the contractor.
How we do it

Early intervention in a project allows us to evaluate the scheme and its BREEAM rating.

We advise the contractor early on regarding any costs associated with BREEAM obligations and ensure that any previous responsibilities of others have been completed (i.e. pre-refurbishment audit). Often, we are able to identify additional credits which can improve the overall rating from “good” to “very good” at little or no cost to you.

The process:

  • Encore’s assessor meets with the site the clients and their assessors to discuss the BREEAM elements and review updates and communication tracker
  • Confirms scoped parts of assessment and contractor’s obligations
  • Encore creates a colour-coded site action list that flags status updated monthly when documents and evidence are supplied
  • Any BREEAM-compliant templates are supplied as required (i.e. Biodiversity and User Guide)
  • Stakeholder report for all BREEAM sites detailing scheme and rating as well as colour-coded summary of all projects highlighting any concerns
  • Encore completes a compliant Resource Efficiency Management Plan for the specific project
  • Encore collates and checks all evidence then submits to the assessor or portal
  • Encore is experienced in liaising directly with the client’s assessor
  • We visit the site to obtain some elements of the schemes including travel plans
  • water and electricity meter readings
  • We attend meetings with all stakeholders responsible for the BREEAM element
  • Encore coordinates BREEAM consultancy around specific requirements such as air quality testing and policies required such as sustainable procurement
  • Encore collates all documentation and evidential requirements including following up with sub-contractors
  • Completion reporting is in line with BREEAM requirements dependent on assessment (i.e. carbon waste energy etc)
Why we do it

Since BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) launched in 1990, it has become a benchmark standard and is seen as a way of promoting environmental awareness and sustainable building.

A strong focus on sustainability in the design, construction and use of buildings has become the norm in the UK. Many of England’s local authorities and large commercial and public sector organisations see BREEAM as a requirement in their procurement strategies.

Working with a BREEAM-compliant environmental consulting firm such as Encore Environment will reduce costs to deliver such projects. We take away the “noise” generated by multi-team ventures so our clients can deliver what they’re good at – an exemplar construction project.

BREEAM Consultancy services explained

We can also act as a client’s BREEAM assessor and have a BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP), who has extra specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design.

Practical Support

We’re not simply consulting, but also on site to ensure a timely gathering of data to produce a BREEAM compliance audit. Our assessors help to submit information in the right format for BREEAM-compliant templates. They respond to specific requirements, such as arranging air quality testing, and provide sustainable procurement plans. They also attend meetings with all stakeholders responsible for the BREEAM element and are able to identify areas to gain credits.

Action Plans & Reports

We use a bespoke automated system that produces site action lists, updated trackers, status reports and collated documents and data, as well as a Compliant Resource Efficiency Management Plan for each project. This makes us efficient and allows us more time to visit a site.

Supporting Clients at the Tender Stage

We support our clients at tender stage, both in terms of documentation, to support the tender around sustainability and the environment, as well as attending tender interviews, as our client's expert in this area. This gives our client the ‘edge’ needed when up against their competition.

Encore’s team is experienced within the BREEAM and SKA. Our BREEAM assessors work actively with clients to maximise points for a much-improved environmental building. If you use our waste-management services on a BREEAM project, we’ll produce reports at no extra cost to help you to achieve full credits.

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