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Our Mission


We believe in a reduce, reuse and recycle approach.

Until companies embrace the opportunities of maximising reuse and reprocessing on an industrial scale, we will be there to inform and influence as we work increasingly with forward-looking businesses that share our aims.
Our in-house BREEAM assessors encourage early intervention by considering recycling at the design phase of the project. We always strive for a zero-to-landfill solution, reusing waste material on and off site wherever possible, reducing carbon and increasing savings by new logistic solutions. This approach has led up to and above 25% reduction on client waste costs.
Our focus is on innovation, value-added services and sustainability. We are always challenging conventional methods of waste disposal through research and academic collaboration. We invest in the latest technology to increase the efficiency of waste management services and reporting, as well as creating bespoke technological solutions.
Waste management services explained

We are a national waste management company and environmental consultants, but we’re also committed to supporting local communities through our ProjectDIVERT initiative, donations, fundraising, volunteering, mentorship and raising environmental awareness in schools.


Encore Environment advocate a diverse, safe, happy and healthy workplace with a focus on employee wellbeing. We attract and retain high quality people, recognising and rewarding strong performance. We know that loyalty stems from mutual engagement, so we keep staff updated with business developments and invest in our people through continuous development and training.


We support the wider community via ProjectDIVERT, but also our local community, including charities, schools and other businesses through donations, fundraising, volunteering and mentorship. We also work with local colleges on apprenticeship opportunities and work experience for HND qualifications.


We understand our clients and their recycling and waste management needs, delivering a quality service with an innovative approach that provides data which ultimately reduces costs, decreases carbon and promotes our clients’ Corporate Social Responsibility. To achieve this we work with vetted suppliers, advocating similar core values and we promote open communication at all levels to encourage an interactive working community.


Our focus is on sustainable growth and profit through sound commercial practices. We evaluate each business proposition in terms of its commercial viability.

Encore’s team is experienced within the BREEAM and SKA. Our BREEAM assessors work actively with clients to maximise points for a much-improved environmental building. If you use our waste-management services on a BREEAM project, we’ll produce reports at no extra cost to help you to achieve full credits.

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