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Encore Environment has developed a bespoke client portal, which provides our clients with secure access to their projects, reports, data and regulatory information whenever they need it.

Access Portal
Ensuring all our client’s deliverables and data is in one place!

The portal serves as a quick and easy access point for all our latest resources, helping to manage any support queries, and ultimately providing you with an improved customer experience.

It enhances our customer service capabilities by giving you the control to source, view and download their documents and data from wherever you are, 24 hours a day

One of the key features is a dashboard showing specific data on their waste management activity. Clients can see, at a glance, the calculations of active sites, total waste tonnage, percentage tonnage diverted from landfill, carbon savings, carbon emissions reduced and more, on both a monthly and totalled scale.  These figures provide you with real, up to date, data for sustainability and regulatory reporting and marketing collateral.

The portal also acts as a portfolio of reports and audits for our clients, including waste management reports, waste transfer notes, Sites Waste Management Plan (SWMP), Pre-Construction Environmental Audits (PCEA), and ProjectDIVERT results. Importantly, it also holds all required information for BREEAM compliance including client trackers, evidencing letters, travel plans, and water and electricity readings.

The portal is linked to Encore Environments bespoke order processing platform, and the system is live, therefore alerts (with active version control) will go out to clients automatically when a document, or certificate needs updating or new upload is ready for client review.

Snapshot of the portal

The Homepage

The portal homepage will give you a dashboard overview of the current statistics - total number of sites to date, live sites, diversion rates, and monthly figures for the current month. Stakeholders can drill down into waste data by individual project at any time.

On the right hand side of the screen you have access to a drop down to select specific projects, as well as an option to view any archived projects. Once you have selected a project it will take you automatically through to the project detail screen.

Duty of Care

This will allow you to check the suppliers duty of care documents are in place for each supplier on that project. Encore being independent of the waste supply chain, more often than not will place multiple suppliers on a project at any one time, it is important that our clients can check that Encore have all the legally required documentation and it is in date for those suppliers chosen. This includes, waste carrier licenses, insurances, weighbridge certificates and other required permits. If the item is showing as a green tick then the document is in place, if it’s a yellow circle then the document is in place however due to expire.

Every Waste Transfer (WTN) from waste producer through to waste carrier and end destination for all disposal is uploaded and a search option is available for specific project data to be found quickly by our clients for review.

Monthly report

Throughout the duration of the project Encore will produce and upload site reports per project. Should the project not generate any waste away for a certain report then no report will be run.

Access Portal

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If you have to demonstrate compliance and social value initiatives in tenders and to your own clients, this portal will save you time in collating the required documents. Our experts will continue to be on-hand to support you, but we can now provide a secure way of having all the information you need at your fingertips!

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