A unique reporting process



We keep you informed with data and documents during the waste lifecycle of your projects.

We offer a unique reporting process that provides reports that are tailored to suit our clients’ requirements and KPIs around sustainability and the environment agenda.

Our bespoke IT system automatically creates a suite of monthly documents for each project, including:

  • Site and stakeholder reports. These include key statistics about waste disposal
  • landfill diversion and recycle rates by waste streams.
  • Site Waste Management Plans
  • BREEAM-compliant Resource Efficiency Management Plans
  • BREEAM or SKA benchmarks relevant to specific projects
  • Full summary of stakeholder’s multiple sites with cumulative data
  • Pre-construction Environment Audits.


Any ProjectDIVERT case studies we have completed that have identified closed loop opportunities for materials or products are reported monthly for marketing departments or bid teams to support potential new projects.

Our clients can align the data we provide to their own goals whether that be 25% reduction in waste, or their commitment to re-use 30% of the waste, that typically would have been sent to other conventional disposal routes.

Our reporting system is client led, so it can be adapted for our clients.

Reporting services explained

How we do it

Automated bespoke IT system

Our automated bespoke IT system collates monthly activity, including what was ordered, when and by whom, which is summarised monthly. It also shows % of carbon saved and the recycled rates. This data, by site, can be used by us and our clients to look at ways to reduce waste and cost for the duration of the project.

Total accuracy

Actual weights are inputted to allow accurate reporting.

All in the detail

Site Waste Management Plans, whilst not a legal requirement are still in Encore’s mind, best practice. A document that contains all data from project detail, forecasting, accurate reporting on actual waste, compliance and completion including continuous improvement has to be the right approach. SWMPS are created at Encore for every project where we are appointed as the waste management company. Please refer to our Value in the Rates document.

Positive display of:

• Waste recycled

• Waste to landfill

• Waste used for energy

• Waste reuse case studies

Encore Environment are an ethical and legally compliant environmental and waste consultancy, providing total waste management, strategic support, invaluable data and customised solutions to help you achieve your sustainability goals and KPIs and to drive up margins.

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