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Waste Management


We provide waste management services nationwide for construction sites and businesses of all sizes and complexity.

Our nationwide chain of vetted suppliers enables us to offer everything from skips, bins and cages to compactors, WEEE, hazardous waste disposal and other specialist needs. Whatever the service, we can arrange and coordinate them all.
We also collaborate and support logistics companies in strip-out and demolition projects to improve deconstruction and help with diversion of waste from landfill.
Our goals include reducing waste and costs, reusing waste on and off site, promoting zero to landfill, increased use of the circular economy, reducing carbon and providing plastics and site set-up solutions and their reporting, as standard.
Waste management services explained

Here are some of the processes and attributes associated with our Waste Management Services

Duty of care

We believe compliance is key. Our suppliers are audited to ensure they are legally compliant, all KPIs and accreditations are in place, and they uphold our standards and duty of care. We check all waste documentation from the outset through to destination, ensuring Environmental Agency standards and that waste disposal regulations are being met. We mitigate the risk of non-compliance, fines and reputational damage. Our transparent supply chain lets you know the exact end destination of your waste.

Personal service

You’ll only have to deal with one person for all your waste removal needs as we oversee various suppliers on multiple sites for you. We keep you informed with good quality management information and reporting. All relevant documents are uploaded on our customised IT system for easy access to all the project waste information you need.

Specialist logistics

We oversee projects on particularly challenging sites such as schools and city projects with restricted access, strict wait and load rules and demanding on-site segregation requirements, as well as secret, high security construction projects, out-of-hours support and weekend services.

Intelligent data

Encore provides stakeholders with data to make informed decisions about their environmental waste management strategies, whether it’s identifying materials that can be innovatively reprocessed, remanufactured or recycled back into the supply chain, or possible commercial advantages such as rebates from segregated and recycled materials.

Close collaboration

Encore is completely independent of the waste suppliers, and therefore can advise our clients on the best waste strategy for them.

Supporting clients at Tender Stage

We support our clients at tender stage, both in terms of documentation, to support the tender around sustainability and the environment, as well as attending tender interviews, as our client's expert in this area. This gives our clients the ‘edge’ needed when up against their competition.

What we do

Our straightforward 5-stage process ensures that a project is BREEAM-compliant, whether or not it’s a BREEAM job:

Encore has a nationwide supply chain of suppliers, from major names to family-run SMEs. Each site is assessed individually to ensure the best procurement across multiple suppliers.

Encore ensures legal requirements for all our suppliers are recorded and in date, including licenses, insurances and audits.

This process records all services, who ordered them and what supplier has been assigned. This one document with consolidated services and costs is easy for review by individual sites. Compliant Waste Transfer Notes are scanned to each line, so full traceability is in place.

Reports on each project provided by site and for the stakeholder. This cumulative data informs sustainability policies and best ways to meet BREEAM ratings and SKA measures if required.

Upon completion, Encore provides site waste management plans that combine all tickets, reports and duty of care for the entire project. This also flags improvements and lessons learned.

Why we do it

One of the key highlights of Theresa May’s 25-year environment plan submitted in 2018 was a commitment to reduce all avoidable plastic waste by 2042.

We are already committed to this goal, as we provide dedicated plastic, can, paper and food waste bins to sites, as well as disposal bags and a dedicated collection service with end-destination transparency. We also co-ordinate the safe removal of all hazardous waste and supply dedicated bins on site for this purpose.

Through our unique ProjectDIVERT app, Encore has already implemented waste-management strategies that reuse and recycle materials, particularly plastic waste on our clients’ sites.

Theresa May also spoke about the need to increase resource efficiency and reduce pollution and waste. In this area we’ve also played a key role, providing individual sites with monthly waste information that records materials coming off the site, the diversion rates and how much carbon is saved.

We continue to develop ways to offer practical and less environmentally impactful waste-management services and solutions, and are proud to be featured as a Best Practice Representative in the 2019 Parliamentary Review journal (read the Review here: Encore Environment-Parliamentary Review). Encore was chosen as we are independent of the waste suppliers, but also consult on strategies around waste and BREEAM.

Our services make life easier

One Encore Waste Coordinator becomes your single point of contact for all sites and waste disposal streams to ensure continuity of service. It’s not unheard of having a same-day response.

One list of services per month, by site, including all waste transfer information (tickets, deliveries, exchanges, etc.) is sent to site for sign-off for invoicing.

Encore pay all the waste companies, eliminating administration costs and “noise” generated by multiple site teams. No on-stop and consolidated invoicing. Encore pay the suppliers so we have full control over Duty of Care compliance.

Monthly reporting by site covering waste type, volume and recycle rates identifies carbon reduction through improved recycling options and diversion from landfill.

We supply actual data from all sites in a monthly stakeholder report that can relate them to your KPIs and goals to support your social value objectives.

Clients using one waste management resource company provides a consistent approach across all sites, which adds value in their tender returns to potential customers. All the data is in one place and, if requested, can include strip-out and demolition information, so all waste data is collected for the entire project.

Clients use our reports and data in tender and RFI submissions to demonstrate added value to their customers. Encore regularly attend mid-tender interviews along with their clients to strengthen their capabilities in this area.

Encore’s site waste management plans for each site include a forecast of materials, ongoing reporting and administration documented (regardless of a project’s length), as well as suggested improvements and recommendations upon completion. Automated resource efficiency management plans are also supplied for BREEAM projects.

Encore’s team is experienced within the BREEAM and SKA. Our BREEAM assessors work actively with clients to maximise points for a much-improved environmental building. If you use our waste-management services on a BREEAM project, we’ll produce reports at no extra cost to help you to achieve full credits.

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