Our innovative services include the award-winning environmental and social value initiative ProjectDIVERT.

ProjectDIVERT, unique to Encore, is aligned with the waste hierarchy and helps to improve costs, carbon savings and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for our clients.
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The web based tool minimises weight which would ordinarily be sent to a conventional Material Recycling Facilities at a cost. It enables construction sites to identify on-site materials, waste and items that can be innovatively reprocessed, remanufactured or recycled back into the supply chain or benefit local communities as charitable donations.
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ProjectDIVERT conducts life-cycle analysis of materials and calculates the cost and carbon savings of potential waste disposal routes to help its users make informed decisions and align them with their social value messaging. It also enables transparency and complete traceability in the construction waste industry.

ProjectDIVERT explained

Unique database

Through its unique database, ProjectDIVERT can locate accredited recyclers and reprocessors, as well as social enterprises, charities and schools, that are local to a site – and all at the push of a button. It also plots material recycling facilities and the landfill end destination, so a full analysis can be provided.

On-site material

Everything from WEEE, white goods, hotel appliances, kitchens, lighting, hoarding, builders sand carpet, glass, metal, plasterboard, raised floors - basically anything that we can re-use off-site that benefits others - has been diverted from Material Recovery Facilities and delivered direct to recyclers and reprocessors. This approach improves the quantity, quality and associated value of the waste materials for end-user applications and is a cheaper, more direct means of disposal.

Early assessment

Encore advises and supports clients, project managers and building and fit-out contractors from the early design stage of a project through to completion and beyond. Our detailed pre-refurbishment, environmental and waste assessments are BREEAM compliant and are able to re-use and relocate items without delaying any project deadlines.

Proven carbon and costs saving

It gives hard data around cost and carbon; it's not just a ‘nice to do’. It's proven to save costs and reduce carbon, with the ultimate aim to reduce skips on the road. It may be that there are multiple items on one site with the output demonstrating a combined saving.

Client benefits

The carbon is not just that saved from avoiding landfill but transportation to conventional routes who then stock pile material and send on to reprocesses. The idea is to send to end destination rather than via another route. This way the material is cleaner, the cost to the client is lower and we are able to provide 100% recycled rate specifically for our clients waste.

Items, fixtures and fittings

We’ve identified on-site items in good condition – from carpet tiles and paving slabs to furniture and crockery – that have benefitted local business projects, charities, schools and community schemes.

How we do it

ProjectDIVERT is an innovative waste disposal solution that’s aligned with the waste hierarchy. Although the system runs through an APP, it can also be used back of office for environmental teams.

Early assessment identifies suitable on-site materials and items and weighs up the best re-use, take-back recycling and reprocessors options. These items are then photographed and audited before being submitted to our unique ProjectDIVERT tool.

The tool uses a series of calculations and criteria to determine the cost and carbon savings through various methods of disposal, which include:

  • Re-use on site
  • Re-use off site
  • Charities
  • Social enterprises
  • Construction sites
  • Schools
  • universities
  • Community projects
  • Take-back schemes
  • Reprocessors
  • remanufacturers and recyclers
  • Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs)
  • Landfill sites

The results indicate the best disposal method based on cost, carbon savings and CSR messages. These are then displayed on a real-time map. Additional criteria can be applied to determine the most suitable supplier.

Encore will use its ProjectDIVERT database to ensure one or more re-use options are adopted to ensure maximum diversion from conventional routes of disposal and ultimately landfill.

Why we do it

There is an ever-growing need for companies to reduce costs, carbon footprint and enhance their social value statements. Reduce, reuse and recycle has never been more important.

Increasing pressure

Some 59% of the total waste generated in the UK and 15% of the total UK carbon emissions come from the construction industry, while companies in general require environmental strategies and initiatives to satisfy current and potential customers.

With government targets stipulating that 65% of municipal waste and 75% of packaging waste must be recycled by 2030, a solution is surely needed.

New solutions and benefits

The goals of ProjectDIVERT are the same as those of our clients – reduce costs, decrease carbon and support social value. Our innovative methodology and approach, which supports the industry waste hierarchy and accreditations such as BREEAM, LEED and SKA, provides significant benefits for individuals and the construction industry as a whole.

By challenging the traditional routes of waste removal, we enable clients to fulfil their environmental waste management strategies and improve social and economic targets for waste recycling in the community.

Case Studies

Once DIVERTS have been completed, Encore provides case studies which can be used by clients to market the social value of their project.

ProjectDIVERT complements our range of environmental services, which includes BREEAM assessments for recycling and management reports to evidence social value.

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