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Our experience as a waste management company goes beyond the day to service of providing skips, bins, hazardous waste and WEEE solutions etc. Encore engage early to carry out material and product audits with a view to creating;

An accurate forecast


Create a waste Management Strategy


To Divert from conventional routes of disposal to good causes and or re-processors and recycles.

This approach will improve the quantity, quality and associated value of the materials arising as waste from commercial construction activities for end user applications. Reducing Cost, Carbon and supporting our clients Corporate and Social Responsibility messaging is embedded in this approach and has tangible benefits.

The majority of these wastes are currently sent to waste transfer stations/material recovery facilities where they are sorted and processed for end markets. This results in diminished quality, quantity and the value of the materials to the end users.

The audits provide accurate, transparent information prior to strip out or demolition aiding the process to be one of ‘deconstructed’ to ensure waste management responsibly.  

Audits undertaken:

  • BREEAM compliant Pre -refurbishment audits
  • SKA and WELL compliant audits
  • Site Deconstruction Reports
  • Pre – demolition audits to ICE Demolition protocol
  • Bespoke Client Environment Audits
how we do it

Encore visit site, meet the team and ascertain the specific project details.

A walk around is completed and photos taken. The audit covers all materials, products, fixture or fittings that are being removed. Where possible we try and obtain as-built drawings to accompany the audit so a more detailed analysis of the project can be carried out.

The automated audit forecasts the items and materials to be disposed of and provides advice on suggested routes of disposal

Through early intervention and having accurate data from the outset our clients are able to reduce cost and carbon from the outset not hindering project deadlines later down the project Lifecycle.

why we do it
  • Reduce Cost
  • Support our clients Corporate and Social Responsibility statements with data
  • DIVERT to good causes
  • DIVERT from conventional routes of disposal and landfill
  • Plan Ethical Disposal and Chain of Custody advice and then evidence if requested with a watching brief service
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis with accurate forecasting from the outset
  • Provide expertise on increasingly complex legislation
  • Work with construction and deconstruction companies and Project Management the Process
  • Tailored service that aims to turn waste into an income stream rather than a liability
  • Create a Waste management strategy for our clients
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Encore are a business providing Corporate businesses the service and delivery they require along with important strategic information to support Sustainability goals and KPI’s. If you require an innovative partner around the Environmental agenda please contact us.

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