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300 gallons of surplus hand sanitiser donated to community

Project overview 

Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) approached Encore Environment, a member of SEUK, to be the waste partner for a donation which included the distribution of 300 gallons of surplus hand sanitiser from a media and entertainment company to local community groups. 

ProjectDIVERT was implemented and successfully connected to 22 community groups including charities, schools, churches, playgroups, and homeless support, stretching from Watford to Northampton! In addition, the entertainment company also donated a large quantity of surplus cleaning fluid, which was also distributed to the same network of community groups. 

Rachel Rowley said: “We applaud companies like this that think of alternative ways to handle surplus stock, rather than it being classed as ‘waste’ and following traditional waste disposal routes. Not only do hundreds of people benefit from their generosity but cost savings are made for both the producer and the user. I know the charities and schools we donated to were extremely grateful for these products. We would like to thank SEUK for approaching us with this request and we were delighted to help. It also showcases that our Project DIVERT initiative is not limited to construction site waste diversion but can facilitate the reuse of items across many sectors.” 


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Project DIVERT – SEUK – Hand sanitiser


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