Rachel Rowley Carpet Tiles Donation

Cash-strapped libraries boosted by carpet tiles donation

Encore Environment and its client ISG, a global construction service company, has successfully recovered 6.25 tonnes (3500sqm) of carpet tiles from a refurbishment and fit out project in Swindon for a donation to three libraries across Northamptonshire – Weston Favell, Desborough, and Kingsthorpe.

Through early intervention, the carpet tiles were identified in an automated PCEA (Pre-construction environmental audit) as a waste item that could be reused, instead of heading to landfill. This was facilitated through Encore Environment’s award-winning ProjectDIVERT app which connected the surplus flooring with Northamptonshire libraries in need. The two companies worked together to efficiently remove the tiles for re-use and co-ordinated the transportation and collection for the libraries for free.

Libraries in Northamptonshire face an uncertain future

In 2018, Northamptonshire County Council had a cash crisis having overspent its budget by millions of pounds resulting in a huge deficit. In its 2019-20, the council announced plans to save £41.1million which unfortunately threatened to close 21 of the 38 libraries across the county.

Following community protests, a high court ruled this unlawful, however under its draft budget proposals for 2019-20, the authority stated it could only manage 14 libraries and support five, but the remaining 17 would be community-led.

This uncertainty will continue until April 2021, when all eight current local authorities will be replaced with two new unitary councils. One serving the North of the County and one with the West of the County.

This means that the libraries have very little funds for maintenance and improvements. Being able to replace tired and worn out flooring is a huge win for the library and the wider community.

Etty Ogane-Ingram, Customer Advisor, Weston Favell Library said; “We have received 800 carpet tiles from Encore Environment. What a great idea to recycle floor tiles that are in perfectly good condition! Thank you to Encore Environment for introducing us to a creative way to recycling. The idea is great and refreshing, and it surely has changed our attitude towards recycling and managing waste.”

Weston Favell Library has been serving the town’s eastern district for over 40 years and welcomes approximately 800 visitors a day.

Rachel Rowley, managing director at Encore Environment said; “We are thrilled that the carpet tiles will be put to good use. I met with Etty and Elisha at Weston Favell Library and they will be installing the carpet tiles in their children’s reading area soon, so it is ready for their successful Summer Reading Challenge, which runs throughout the summer for hundreds of local children.”

As part of the children’s reading challenge, Encore Environment’s not-for-profit initiative ‘Waste Wise Kids will teach the children about waste, recycling and sustainability. It focuses on educating children aged 4-12 years old about the waste hierarchy and its impact on the environment in a fun, easy to understand way including an on-site presentation, repurposing tasks, competitions, rewards chart and recycled handouts.

For more information please call Lianne on 01604 496987 or email: Lianne@encore-environment.com