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Encore Environment and Knauf partnership launch Plasterboard Take Back Scheme

Encore Environment is delighted to announce our partnership with Knauf UK & Ireland to deliver an enhanced waste management service to reduce plasterboard waste!

The landmark plasterboard Take Back Scheme looks to move towards a circular economy by taking waste plasterboard and reintroducing it to the local supply chain.

How it works

Contractors that use Knauf products and opt into the Take Back Scheme will be connected to local and vetted recycling companies via Encore Environment’s nationwide network. These dedicated skips will be sent to their site and, once filled, are collected and brought to specialised local centres.

“This is critical, we don’t want plasterboard being taken all over the country. It’s broken down locally and then gets distributed back to plasterboard manufacturers,” said Jon Watts, Knauf National Client Development Manager UK & Ireland.

The take back scheme also provides contractors with valuable insights into their waste management. The new Take Back Scheme offers customers in-depth reports into their waste output. This includes project specific carbon data and insights into waste hotspots to promote future waste reduction improvements. This data is available via an online portal to make access easy.

The new Take Back scheme is aimed at promoting the increased use of a circular economy and reducing carbon through the remanufacture of materials whilst also providing social value.

Key points

  • It is delivered by Encore Environment, Knauf’s independent and accredited waste management partner
  • Works with vetted and local to site recycling companies
  • Provides dedicated skips and collected once full.
  • Includes volume and embodied carbon reporting, to support the reduction of waste on future projects and prove sustainability claims.
  • Provides opportunities to create extra social value through Encore’s ProjectDIVERT and Waste Wise Kids initiatives

What sets Encore Environment apart from traditional waste management services is their dedication not just to waste reduction, but social value too as Stacey Bee, Key Account Manager at Encore Environment explains; “First and foremost we’re a social enterprise. That means our efforts aren’t just on reducing the number of skips on site by designing out waste, but by supporting local communities via our social value initiatives ProjectDIVERT and Waste Wise Kids. From donations to home-grown initiatives, it all supports the social value contribution of a site, while contributing to a company’s ESG and sustainability credentials.”

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