Encore win Innovation Award for Project DIVERT at NBEA’s 2022

Pioneering Project DIVERT impresses judges at business awards

Encore Environment, one of the leading waste management and environmental consultancies in the UK, has won the ‘Innovation’ award for its ground-breaking ‘Project Divert’ at the renowned NBEA’s Northamptonshire Business Enterprise Awards 2022. The awards ceremony was held on the 10th November at The County Ground in Northampton and hosted by Paddy McGuinness.

Project Divert facilitates the connection between reusable waste on construction sites to where it could be diverted, so it doesn’t reach landfill. It holds a unique database of charities, social enterprises, universities, schools, community projects, recyclers, re-processors, MRFs and landfills. By determining location, and need, the app facilitates the diversion of waste material such as furniture, white goods, carpet tiles, and building materials. It also ensures all waste that can be recycled such as metal and glass is diverted to recycling and re-processing facilities.

The environmental and social value benefits are huge. It reduces the cost of disposal, generates carbon savings and has BREEAM reporting functionality. The ‘real’ data outputs of Project Divert means that companies can demonstrate that they are more sustainable. It also having an amazingly positive impact on the charity sector benefitting communities and transforming lives.

Rachel Rowley, managing director at Encore Environment said :” We had a fantastic night at the NBEA’s 2022 scooping WINNER of the Innovation Award for Project DIVERT. Well done and thank you to the Encore Environment team and thank you to all our dedicated clients who have supported Encore Environment for over 10 years! Project DIVERT continues to bring a huge amount of environmental and social value to local communities, and we are so happy to be making a difference in people’s lives as well as reducing waste and reducing carbon.”


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