Encore launch in-house NABERS UK services to support Sustainable Buildings’ environmental requirements

NABERS UK (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is a world leading independent, evidence based built environment rating system to measure energy performance and environmental outcomes for office buildings in the UK. Rating the operational performance of a building allows building managers to systematically plan the improvement of a building and manage for better performance. This bridges the performance gap between the design and in-use energy performance for office buildings.

We are delighted to announce that Tamador Elhag, our Sustainability Lead and BREEAM AP, is a licensed NABERS UK Assessor, following her successful training and examinations. This service forms part of our Environmental Consultancy Division together with MAN:03 BREEAM AP and BREEAM concierge.

The NABERS UK services supports the fulfilment of BREEAM requirements and compliance, along with the whole building environmental requirements, by providing NABERS UK Energy Assessment for office buildings including:

  • Carry out on-site assessments of buildings to collect, analyse, calculate and then verify the data required to provide a NABERS UK energy rating for offices.
  • Provide professional guidance to support the certification of the building for NABERS UK.
  • Collect and verify all of the data for a rating according to the NABERS UK rules for validation protocols and to support in obtaining the required Star rating.
  • To collect information and calculate rating for the site from meters’ readings and actual building working hours information gathered.
  • Submission of evidence to the NABERS UK Technical Team who carry out an audit of the information before certifying the building with the final rating.

NABERS UK Energy ratings measure and verify the actual energy use of existing office buildings, providing a rating from 1-6 stars and helping building owners and managers to accurately target, measure and communicate the energy performance of their buildings. This investment grade rating can be used to demonstrate whether offices are on a net zero carbon trajectory and provide investors and occupiers with the confidence that the buildings they own and occupy are aligned with their climate change ambitions.

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