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Eversholt Street refurbishment transforms community spaces

Carpet tiles and lighting diverted to three community groups in need

Preserving heritage and promoting sustainability were at the core of the 163-203 Eversholt Street project. As part of its sustainability drive, Ambit, the main contractor, implemented Project DIVERT, Encore Environment’s award-winning environmental and social value initiative to successfully divert reusable items from the Grade II listed office refurbishment in London, to three community groups including a music education facility, a church and a social enterprise.

Project DIVERT identifies items from refurbishment construction projects that are reusable such as carpet tiles, lighting and furniture. It then facilitates the donation of those items to local charities, non-profits and community groups therefore avoiding traditional waste streams! This keeps the items in circularity, reduces the amount of waste from site, and creates positive impact through social value. Project DIVERT has a beneficiary database of over 1600 VCSE organisations across the UK.

New flooring elevates learning spaces

Over 1.5 tonnes of carpet tiles were identified from the refurbishment for reuse and these were donated to two beneficiaries in Northampton. St Giles music shop were in desperate need of new carpet in their two teaching rooms, which supports music education for both children and adults. Similarly, a social enterprise based in the city were in need of new flooring, so this donation saves them money from having to buy new.

In addition, 12 light fittings were donated to Earls Barton Methodist Church which supports the local community in offering space for community groups of all types including music, toddler, crafts, and hosting charity events. The lighting in the church was damaged so the replacement fittings have supported them to improve the facility!

Matt Robinson, Head of Sustainability at Ambit said: “Ambit is committed to exploring all opportunities when it comes to reuse. What is typically a complicated and multifaceted process, Project Divert makes it simple and effective for us to deliver. The carbon and social value benefits that this provides makes it a real no brainer for us. Big thanks to the site team and Encore in making this possible.”

Rachel Rowley, Managing Director at Encore Environment said: “We are thrilled to have been a part of this building’s rich history, in ensuring items that can be kept in the circular economy are reused. We are helping the environment by diverting it away from traditional waste disposal routes and creating social value in a time where it is so important for community groups to come together.”

Project DIVERT aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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