SEN school redevelopment diverts waste materials to community organisations

Project overview

Morgan Sindall Construction’s Northern Home Counties division has begun on-site work at The Windmill School in Barnet to increase the number of quality SEN places in the area. A three-storey structure that will span 30,000 sq ft will include elementary and secondary classrooms, laboratory spaces, food tech suites, sensory rooms, a fully functional kitchen, a multipurpose hall and a rooftop play area for up to 90 pupils aged from 5-18 years with a primary diagnosis of autism.

Sustainability, working with the supply chain and enhancing communities, are key priorities for Morgan Sindall. As part of the redevelopment, Morgan Sindall has worked with Encore Environment to identify over 3.4 tonnes of fixtures and fittings that were surplus to requirements but could be reused elsewhere. To divert the reusable items away from traditional routes of waste disposal, Encore Environment’s environmental and social value intervention Project DIVERT, was implemented. Project DIVERT facilitated the connection of the surplus items through its unique database of over 1600 charities, social enterprises and community groups.

New flooring makes a big difference

A large amount of carpet tiles were identified and three different community groups received new flooring. Over 1000 carpet tiles were donated to Spencer Contact, a Christian charity based in Northampton who work to relieve those in poverty and hardship by supplying free second-hand furniture; and 150 carpet tiles were gratefully received by the National Animal Welfare Trust, a rescue and rehoming charity with five rehoming centres and three charity shops operating across the south of England.

As well as carpet tiles, 700 lengths of hardwood flooring were also identified for reuse. Community Wood Recycling, a nationwide network of 30 social enterprises that work to fight unemployment by giving workplace opportunities to disadvantaged people, collect wood waste from companies to stock its nationwide network of reclaimed timber stores – so this was a perfect match to ensure the flooring stays in the circular economy!

In addition, The Watford Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre which provides the local community with art, music, dance, drama, workshops, classes, and events received 30 ceiling tiles and five floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Esther at Spencer Contact said: “For so many it is the new start and support that they need, especially as times seem to be getting harder for everyone. Many thanks to your client for their practical donation towards this charity, everything makes a difference.”

Rachel Rowley, Managing Director at Encore Environment said: “Thank you to Morgan Sindall Construction for instructing Encore Environment to support with this redevelopment. We are delighted so much flooring could be saved and that it will be put to good use by the local community groups we connected with. The feedback we have received is fantastic, it really does make a difference to their lives, and also to the environment with reduced waste and reduced carbon emissions.”


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Case study- Morgan Sindall – Windmill School