Sam Bailey apprenticeship

New apprenticeship scheme to support the development of Project DIVERT!

We are excited to introduce our newest team member, Sam Bailey, from MK College South Central Institute of Technology (SCioT) who has joined us on a Level 4 Software Development Apprenticeship to contribute to the development of Project DIVERT Phase 2. We firmly believe in the significance of fostering strong partnerships between higher education institutions and businesses to drive innovation and create a brighter future.

We have been working with HNC students from the SCioT for a number months and have been very impressed with their ideas and concepts around the development of Project DIVERT. It’s an exciting time for us to support Sam as he works to bring some of those ideas through to fruition.

Driving innovation through higher education business partnerships

Apprenticeship schemes play a pivotal role by offering a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals to gain practical experience and face real-world challenges while pursuing their studies. At Encore, we firmly believe that apprenticeships provide a solid foundation for young talents to grow, learn, and contribute to the organisation.

Sam has demonstrated excellent software development capabilities and a passion for innovation. Through this apprenticeship, he will gain hands-on experience, working closely with our talented team and utilising their industry knowledge to contribute to the advancement of Project DIVERT.

We are committed to providing an enriching learning experience for Sam and believe that our partnership with MK College SCioT will pave the way for future collaborations that benefit both academia and industry. Together, we can unlock the full potential of the next generation of innovators!

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