Headway Carpet Tiles

Flooring from office strip-out donated to Headway Northampton

We are delighted to have donated carpet tiles from a recent strip-out of an office block to Headway Northampton, a community-based centre offering specialist social and therapeutic activities for those that have sustained traumatic or acquired brain injury.

Working with our client, Paragon, we were able to identify reusable waste items from a strip-out and refit project. One of these items was a large number of carpet tiles that we have been able to donate to a number of charitable organisations including Headway Northampton. As well as removing the carpet tiles, we also organised for transportation and collection.

Headway Northampton facilities and provides a safe and pleasant environment to encourage self-development for the brain injured person and helps to maintain the rehabilitation that has already been achieved. All of this in turn improves their quality of life, gives a sense of purpose and belonging and provides much needed respite and support for carers and relatives.

Margot Basketfield from Headway Northampton, pictured with Rachel Rowley from Encore Environment said: “The light grey carpet tiles replaced red, thread bare carpet which was old and made the day room look very dark. The new tiles look amazing – the charity is so grateful! Due to the change in carpet we have painted some feature walls to create a light and airy feel for day visitors.

“It’s incredible how much a brain trauma affects people lives from losing homes and increased marriage breakdowns. This space is a sanctuary for those affected to mix with others in similar situations.”

In the UK, every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury, every three minutes someone is admitted with a head injury and every four minutes someone is admitted with a stroke.

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