Pioneering Sustainability in Education and Industry with SCIOT

We were delighted to visit Milton Keynes College Group South Central Institute of Technology last week to attend the final presentations for the ‘Project DIVERT’ development Phase 2 brief that the students have been working on for the past few months.

The students presented their ideas, platforms for apps and website solutions. Every single presentation brought something interesting to the table! With a combined amalgamation of ideas and concepts, we know this will catapult Project DIVERT forward in respect of its look, feel and outputs!

Rachel explained; “It’s a truly collaborative relationship – a double-sided, equal relationship, borne out of individuals who have come to the table with the same goals. The College are on the same journey with regard to sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment, so we think the same. We are working in the same space, making a difference in a topic that is moving all the time.”

She added, “Seeing the quality of the Project DIVERT work that the HNC students have been involved with has given me real confidence in the partnership.”

Timing is key as we have a Level 4 software developer from MK College starting their apprenticeship with us in July! Their role will be to bring these ideas into fruition!

Thank you to John Terry, the digital coach, curriculum developer and Higher Education programme manager at the South Central IoT in Bletchley, for his continued enthusiasm and support of Encore and our software/tech ambitions.


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