ProjectDIVERT – ISG Overview

The Client

ISG are a global construction specialist committed to promoting their sustainability agenda through it’s business operations and goals. ISG have placed emphasis on their mission to build a sustainable future and set clear sustainable business strategy targets for future projects, which include; reducing their waste, reducing their emissions and protecting the planet.

The Challenge

ISG on behalf of their client, Nationwide Building Society identified carpet tiles that could be re-used and turned to Encore to help find new homes rather than placing the tiles in a skip. ISG are committed to driving revolutionary change in the industry and working with Encore and our technology in house we were able to find new receivers for materials that would benefit others at no cost to them.

The Solution

At Encore, our environmental consultants bring a fresh eye to our clients’ needs by offering new ways of thinking and innovative solutions that lead to a better social and economic outcomes for the environment.

Using our award winning ProjectDIVERT app, the team at Encore were able to identify any on-site materials, that could be recycled, re-used or re-purposed; benefiting cost, carbon savings and CSR messages. By challenging traditional waste disposal routes, Encore helped ISG find zero landfill solutions, as well as save cost on transportation fees.

The Results

Encore were able to DIVERT 5 branches worth of used carpet tiles totalling 1.78 tonnes to those in need and therefore avoiding unnecessary skips on the road. Not only does this approach save costs but reduces carbon. Each of the Nationwide branches Encore supported on achieved a 100% diversion rate. ProjectDIVERT as an initiative is helping communities and since working with Encore, ISG have made seven charity donations with a cost saving of 46% – The question is why wouldn’t you?

What our client said

“When it was identified the carpet tiles were in good condition, it made perfect sense to use Encore to divert these to a charity rather than traditional disposal routes. We are pleased we managed to donate these to a good cause.”

Steve Davies, Account Manager, ISG

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ProjectDIVERT Case Study – ISG Overview