BBC News Interview at Spratton Hall for Waste Wise Kids

Waste Wise Kids featured on BBC News!

With a backdrop of a picture of the earth with ‘Our planet matters’ across it, BBC presenter, Janine Machin, introduced the report explaining one of the best ways to get people to think green, is to start them young!

Theo Chikomba from the BBC News interviewing Gavin Pilcher from Encore Environment for Waste Wise KidsOur Director, Gavin Pilcher, was interviewed by the reporter to explain all about Waste Wise Kids, why it was developed and the impact it’s having in primary schools. As experts in waste management for the construction industry, he explained how important it is to educate young people about waste and sustainability and the impact it will have on their future.

Following Gavin’s interview, the news crew made their way to Spratton Hall school in Northamptonshire to see Waste Wise Kids activities in action. Encore Environment’s Managing Director, Rachel Rowley was there to explain that Waste Wise Kids really gets children to think about waste differently. How household items that could simply be thrown out, can actually be repurposed in a creative and imaginative way.

BBC News Crew filming pupils at Spratton Hall for Waste Wise KidsThe students at Spratton Hall excitedly showed the news crew how items such as an old rugby ball with a puncture, was now a pencil case; how newspapers had been repurposed as pencils and even car tyres had been repurposed into stationary! On camera, the students were also working on a bird feeder made out of an old milk carton.

One of the students said; “We don’t want (waste) to hurt any animals in the wild or in the ocean, we do this to help nature.” As well as thinking creatively and enjoying the activity, they were really aware of the wider impact waste has on the environment.

Simon Clarke, the head teacher at Spratton Hall spoke about how children have to be at the heart of efforts to clean up the environment, and it is down to us to educate them on ways to do this so they can take ownership.

Teaching children about the waste hierarchy is so important because it gives them the knowledge to apply it wherever they are – at home, at school, and throughout their life. The children learn to consider each time they might throw something away; How can I Reduce waste, can it be Reused? Repurposed? or Recycled?

Over 1000 children are now ‘Waste Wise Kids’ and it is having a hugely positive social impact as the Waste Wise Kids message cascades down from schools, to children, parents, businesses and the wider community.

How to Become a Waste Wise Kid Member

Set up as a not-for profit organisation, businesses and individuals can now support the initiative by becoming members. To register your interest in becoming a member, email

You can view the news item here: BBC News Look East on Waste Wise Kids

Are you interested in a Waste Wise Kids Presentation?

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About Waste Wise Kids

Waste Wise Kids is a not-for-profit organisation that provides UK primary schools with an educational programme, to teach children aged 4-12 years old about waste, recycling and sustainability. It focuses on educating children about the waste hierarchy and its impact on the environment in a fun, easy to understand way including an on-site presentation with teachers notes, repurposing tasks, competitions, rewards chart and recycled handouts.

Children are actively encouraged to think about the waste created at home and school, and ways they can reduce, reuse, repurpose or recycle.

One of the objectives is for environmental literacy to be integrated more in the curriculum.

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