ISG Amazon carpet tiles

Carpet tiles help people living with bare floors

Charity welcomes new flooring for homes 

Project overview 

Encore Environment’s client ISG has sustainability as a priority when working on its client’s refurbishment projects. It’s work with Amazon in Thurrock is no exception. While carrying out a fit out at the online retail giant’s Tilbury fulfilment centre, six pallets of carpet tiles were identified as ‘reusable’ and stacked ready to donate. 

Looking and acting beyond the immediate 

Simply thinking about what happens to waste once it leaves your hands can stop reusable waste going into a skip and potentially to landfill. There are options that can save on waste costs and help the community as ISG has demonstrated. Early intervention is key to ensure the reusable waste stays that way and isn’t contaminated by other waste. Working with the ISG team, Encore Environment put its award-winning technology ProjectDIVERT to work to connect the reusable items to a local charity in need. 

Daventry Contact is a charity that helps people in the community with furniture, soft furnishing and food parcels within a 250 square mile radius of Daventry town. Many of the people that Daventry Contact helps are people that have problems with poverty fuelled by low income, disability, domestic violence, unemployment and homelessness, and in some cases mental health and learning difficulties. 

When asked how the carpet tiles could help, they said: “It will make a real difference to somebody who currently has a bare floor. People do not realise just how much some carpet tiles can help us and the families we help.” 

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