ProjectDIVERT – Bracknell

The Client

ISG are a global construction specialist committed to promoting their sustainability agenda through it’s business operations and goals. ISG have placed emphasis on their mission to build a sustainable future and set clear sustainable business strategy targets for future projects, which include; reducing their waste, reducing their emissions and protecting the planet.

The Challenge

ISG, completing a Nationwide Building Society refit in Bracknell, removed several carpet tiles from the site. It was identified these could be reused as they were still in good condition.

As part of its key operational values to reduce carbon footprint, minimize waste to landfill and support communities, ISG hoped to find an innovative way to re-purpose the carpet tiles and turned to Encore Environment to divert these goods to a suitable home in need.

The Solution

Using Encore’s ProjectDIVERT, supported by our hands on team of Waste Coordinators, we were able to arrange the logistics for the carpet to be collected and diverted to a charity in need, Accommodation Concern. Accommodation Concern work extremely hard to support vulnerable families who are without a home. The carpet tiles donated by ISG were used to re-carpet Accommodation Concern’s facilities, which helps these families have a safe space to live in.

The Results

By identifying on-site materials that could be re-purposed and re-used, Encore supported ISG’s dedication to waste reduction by achieving a 100% diversion rate and a further 60kg carbon savings.

In addition, we ensured a 10% cost savings for the client by giving back to local communities and the donation has made huge changes for families living in the area.

What the charity said:

“Accommodation Concern would like to express their gratitude for the carpet donations received. Our clients are often given a bare empty flat and the carpet tiles are fitted as they move in. It would not be viable to pay for a fitted carpet without raising funding so these donations are so valuable. Huge thank you from everyone at AC”. 

Dionne Anderson, Accommodation Concern

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ProjectDIVERT Case Study – ISG Bracknell