wall panels

Wall panels from historic Minster donated to college classrooms

Project overview 

TGM Construction, a main contractor working across the South West, Midlands and South Wales regions, is very experienced and skilled at working on listed and historic properties. The construction company’s recent repair and refurbishment project at the Minster Croydon to protect the building which, in parts is centuries old, resulted in 70 wall panels being identified as reusable. 

As a client of Encore Environment, TGM utilised the ProjectDIVERT database of charities and social enterprises to connect with an organisation that could put the wall panels to good use. This proactive assessment of what the clean waste items were, and how they could be sustainably managed, not only stopped the items going through the traditional routes of waste disposal, it saved them money on waste costs, and helped a London-based college specialising in construction, surveying and building information modelling (BIM) courses with improved classroom walls! 

When old meets new 

Reza from Finchley College said: “We are so grateful to have received these panels and they will definitely be put to good use. We are only a small college but growing so gifting these materials to us was brilliant! The panels will be used to enhance our current plain walls, adding a splash of colour. Thanks again for your help and thinking of us.” 

What a great story of how an ancient place of worship, with some foresight and planning from a sustainably motivated contractor, can help a new place of education for generations to come. 


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TGM – Croydon Minster – Finchley College