Waste diverted and repurposed to help local wildlife

Project overview 

As the UK’s leader in office design and fit outs, Morgan Lovell design offices with the environment and people in mind. They are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption, ensuring that each fit out minimises its environmental impact, from design to construction and operation. 

Morgan Lovell has partnered with Encore Environment for several years for their waste management across sites nationwide. By adopting Encore’s Project DIVERT initiative, it allows the Encore team to access sites alongside the site managers and senior contacts to review the waste materials early in the process, so alternative disposal routes are identified. 

Old pallets transformed into perfect sanctuaries for bird species in need!

bird boxesDuring current works at Priory Meadows Shopping Centre in Hastings, 20 pallets were surplus to requirements and would have been lined up for for disposal. However, by utilising Project DIVERT’s database of contacts, a non-profit social enterprise that breaks down redundant pallets, and repurposes them to create bird boxes and planters was identified! The bird boxes are specifically designed for certain species of birds, ensuring the access and box is the correct size for their requirements. 

In the spirit of the circular economy, a repurposed bird box was donated back to Morgan Sindall by Encore Environment for use on one of their projects or an office location! 

Tanya Godwin, operations director at Morgan Lovell said: “Using Encore for waste management on our sites not only provides us with the knowledge and advice in terms of the best methods for segregation, but by utilising ProjectDIVERT, we are able to donate goods to social enterprises that will put them to good use! We also save waste costs and carbon and help others! It makes perfect sense to apply ProjectDIVERT to all of our suitable sites.” 

Rachel Rowley, managing director at Encore Environment said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to divert the pallets from traditional disposal and improving costs and carbon, all while assisting a wonderful not for profit organisation! As a Social Enterprise ourself we know how important it is to help others – why wouldn’t you?” 

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