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Surplus college furniture donated to two MK charities

Project Overview

A £3 million grant awarded to Milton Keynes College to extend, refurbish and repurpose college buildings for the Engineering and Construction departments at the end of 2021, has led to a number of office furniture items being identified as surplus to requirements.

To ensure the furniture items were not classed as waste and go through traditional routes of disposal, MK College engaged with Encore Environment to implement its Project DIVERT initiative, to connect the unwanted items to local charities in need of furniture.

A successful connection was made with two Milton Keynes’ charities! 12 grey desks, 2 wooden desks, 5 tall office cabinets were delivered to Return MK, a charity that provides a music, multimedia and life-skills service for young people in Milton Keynes. A further 2 wooden desks and 2 office chairs were diverted to the MK Centre for Integrated Living, a free and confidential information centre for disability related issues.

Rachel Rowley said: “By thinking about waste differently, it is diverted away from the traditional  waste disposal routes, carbon is saved and it creates social value. It takes minutes to arrange and makes a big difference to people’s lives. Why wouldn’t you?”

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